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The Highlander Chronicles: 20 Years Later

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Name:The Highlander Chronicles: 20 Years Later
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A challenge community dedicated to celebrating the 20th anniversary of Highlander: The Series.
Highlander: The Series debuted on October 3rd, 1992. This is a challenge community for those interested in celebrating 20 Years of Highlander. Fiction, nonfiction, vids, and art will all be welcome, and there will be three different ways to play. Watch this space for more information! Community moderators are [personal profile] rhi, [personal profile] devohoneybee, and [personal profile] killabeez. The challenge is focused on Highlander, so RPF (real person fiction) is not allowed.

If you'd like to promote the community, please use one of the banners above, and thank you!

HL Chronicles Challenge Rules

1. You sign up to create one Highlander fanwork based on one of the three theme ideas:

- The Timestamp Challenge
- Highlander: 2012 Reboot
- 20 Years: The Immortal View

2. Fanworks can be:

- a story (500 words minimum, 5 drabbles is fine; no maximum)
- a vid
- fan art
- a poem or filk
- an essay or meta post
- an icon post
- a fantasy casting post
- a fanmix
- another type of creative fanwork you specify

3. Once you have completed your signup here, you should make sure to join the community so that you can post your entry. You can choose to join on Dreamwidth or Livejournal. All works will be crosslinked in the master post on both comms.

4. Signups end on Sunday, June 3rd. On June 17th, you will be assigned a posting date. If you know you won't be able to post on that date, let us know and we'll work to find you an alternate date. The tentative date for posting to start is August 3rd.

5. On your scheduled posting date, post a link to your fanwork to the community. You should use this posting template:

Challenge answered:
Link to fic/art/vid/etc. post on your journal:

6. From now until October 3rd, every Friday will be a free-for-all Open Posting day on the community, so if you are inspired to share other 20 Year anniversary Highlander fanworks or ideas, anyone may do so on those days, whether or not they are signed up for the formal challenge.

7. The mods will keep a masterpost collection of all works posted on both Dreamwidth and Livejournal. If you crosspost your entry to AO3, we will also make it part of the HL Chronicles collection there. Simply include your AO3 link in your post.

8. If you have further questions, please ask us at Frequently Asked Questions.

9. Go forth and have fun!

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